This page is used to tell visitors all about the December Holidays Wiki. Continue reading below to get an insight about this wiki.


Welcome to the December Holidays Wiki. This wiki's main purpose is to engage viewers and users into numerous discussions relating to holiday celebrations (Christmas, New Years, Kwanzaa, Haunakkah, Boxing Day, etc.), news and events, family gatherings, upcoming holiday movies, and anything pertraining to December.


The December Holidays Wiki was founded on November 18, 2011 by HurricaneOwen99 (Owen). He originally intended the wiki to be a discussion ground for the holidays. Within a few days, a few other users had discovered this wiki, and activity began to bustle. However, this situation only lasted for a couple days before the wiki was abandoned. Between then and December 26, 2012, minus a few edits, and Andrew444 (Andrew) adopting the wiki, the December Holidays Wiki sat dormant until Andrew rediscovered it. He is currently working to improve the wiki for the 2013 holiday season. You can also help out too, by reading the tutorial to editing the wiki.

How can I help out here?Edit

Anyone, including you, the reader, can edit this wiki. To get started, you can take part or start a discussion on one of our forums (links are on the main page), create an article or a blog post, and experiment in our sandbox.

I have a concern here. Whom should I ask for help?Edit

In case you have a question, comment, concern, and/or remark about anything on the December Holidays Wiki, please leave a message either on Andrew's wall (it is strongly recommended you leave your message there) or Owen's wall. However, please note it can take up to a few days for an administrator to reply to your comment.

How do I become an administrator?Edit

If you want to leave an request to be promoted to an administrator or any other special title, please leave it on the Requests for adminship forum. Please note it can take a few days for a request to be granted because the forum is not constantly monitered.

Again, welcome to the December Holidays Wiki, and please have fun here!

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